With the Wireless Interface, you now have your virtual office anywhere, anytime. The Wireless Interface includes all the vital information you need to make real-time sales.

A pipeline screen is opened on the Wireless Interface screen, which gives the count of open loans for all loan officers. Broker details are also displayed.

When clicked on an individual loan officer link, the Wireless Interface provides:

  • Details on all open loans with a particular loan officer, i.e., Loan number, Borrower name, Loan amount & Loan type. This screen also displays the graphical summary for the different type of loans.
  • Current up to date Loan Details.
  • Summary Reports.
  • Status check on each loan transaction
  • Updated Loan Information on the spot

When a user clicks on a link for a loan, the loan details are immediately displayed. The Wireless Interface can be used for displaying the MIS summary reports and the status of each loan transaction can be verified and configured as per the customer's requirement.